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UltraSoC expands to address embedded analytics market opportunity

CEO: ‘perfect storm revolutionizing the technology industries’

UltraSoC Embedded AnalyticsUltraSoC, the leader in embedded analytics technology, today announced a significant global expansion to address the increasing demand for more sophisticated, ‘self-aware’ silicon chips in a range of electronic products, from lightweight sensors to the server farms that power the Internet. The company’s growth plan, which comes on the back of positive customer traction and the recent injection of $6m in new equity, encompasses the opening of a second UK location, an aggressive development and innovation program enabled by a substantial increase in engineering headcount, and new commercial agreements in countries around the world.

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SiFive and UltraSoC partner to accelerate RISC-V development through DesignShare

Embedded analytics added to SiFive DesignShare economy, reducing costs and streamlining development of custom silicon

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced that UltraSoC will provide debug and trace technology for the SiFive Freedom platform, based on the RISC-V open source processor specification as part of the DesignShare initiative. UltraSoC’s embedded analytics IP will be available through the recently announced SiFive DesignShare ecosystem that gives any company, inventor or maker the ability to harness the power of custom silicon. UltraSoC’s debug and trace functionality will enable users of the Freedom platform to access a wide variety of tools and interfaces to use in their developments.

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UltraSoC delivers industry’s first debug and analytics solution for ARM’s AMBA 5 CHI Issue B coherency architecture

UltraSoC to present on coherent design at ARM TechCon 2017

UltraSoC, the leading developer of embedded analytics technology, today announced the general availability of full debug and monitoring IP for ARM’s recently announced AMBA 5 Coherent Hub Interface (CHI) Issue B. UltraSoC is the only monitoring and debug product capable of addressing the needs of designers using CHI Issue B, which is ARM’s most advanced bus specification for complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

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UltraSoC announces industry’s first processor trace support for RISC-V

Support of five major vendors demonstrates growing strength of RISC-V ecosystem

UltraSoC, the leading developer of embedded analytics technology, today announced that it has developed processor trace support for products based on the open source RISC-V architecture. The company has developed a specification for processor trace that will be offered for adoption by the RISC-V Foundation as part of the open source specification. In addition, UltraSoC today becomes the first ecosystem participant to offer an implementation of this functionality.

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UltraSoC boosts presence in Russia

UltraSoC has boosted its presence in Russia by engaging Nautech as its technical sales representative. Nautech’s expert and experienced technical and commercial team will help customers deploy UltraSoC’s embedded monitoring and analytics technology in system-on-chip (SoC) products, enabling powerful security, safety and performance enhancement features, while simultaneously cutting development time and hence reducing costs.

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EDA pioneer Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli joins UltraSoC advisory board

UltraSoC, the leading developer of on-chip monitoring and analytics IP, today announced that Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, a founding-father and driving force in both commercial and technological developments in the electronics design industry, has joined the company’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Sangiovanni-Vincentelli brings significant experience of direct relevance to UltraSoC given its target customers and vertical market applications. In the commercial world, he was a co-founder of both industry leaders in Electronic Design Automation (EDA): Cadence Design Systems in 1983 and Synopsys in 1986. He remains on the Board of Directors at Cadence and on its Governance and Strategy Committees, in addition to having held advisor roles at companies ranging from Intel and ST microelectronics to General Motors. Continue reading

UltraSoC attracts fresh investment as technology industry recognizes huge potential for embedded intelligence

Investors commit support for UK’s hard-tech expertise

UltraSoC today announces the completion of a £5m ($6.4m) funding round to drive continued deployment of its technology and realize its vision of embedding intelligent analytics capabilities into every chip. Atlante Tech leads a strong line up of new investors including Enso Ventures, Oxford Capital, and successful CEO and serial entrepreneur Guillaume d’Eyssautier, who join existing investors Octopus Ventures and South East Seed Fund (FSE Group).

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Moortec and UltraSoC collaborate to enable next-generation “smart” PVT sensors

UltraSoC and Moortec Semiconductor today announced that they are cooperating on system-on-chip (SoC) monitoring and analytics intellectual property (IP) to enable a new generation of Process, Voltage and Temperature (PVT) sensor sub-systems. By integrating UltraSoC’s digital monitoring and optimization capabilities, with Moortec’s industry-leading PVT products this enables powerful, chip-wide infrastructure to improve SoC performance and reliability.

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英国剑桥 2016年12月6日



UltraSoC的知识产权提供了独立的系统级体系结构,能够对SoC的内部行为进行非侵入式线速监控,以此帮助工程师深入了解片上子系统、总线和软件间的复杂互动,从而加速研发并降低风险。该公司近日宣布其已为基于RISC-V开源指令集的处理器提供全面支持,并公布了行业首个针对使用ARM® AMBA® 5 Coherent Hub Interface (CHI)的SoC的调试系统。 Continue reading