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GSA Automotive Cybersecurity Conference

26 March 2020

UltraSoC are looking forward to attending the GSA Automotive Cybersecurity Conference which is taking place in Munich, Germany, on 26th March 2020.

The Automotive industry is facing massive technological disruptions; among others: autonomous driving, connected cars, electrification, and shared/diverse mobility. All these trends have a profound impact on the rise of software and of novel electronic architectures within vehicles and in the broader automotive ecosystem. With software becoming the linchpin of the automotive industry, the risk of cyber incidents and attacks, with potentially life threatening effects, increases dramatically – and with it the need to address this risk throughout the entire value chain and vehicle life cycle.

This event will discuss:

  • Industry landscape: we will map out the industry landscape, by identifying current and emerging archetypes of players for automotive cybersecurity along the value chain and vehicle lifecycle
  • Regulatory pressure: we will investigate need for action including cyber risks and regulatory pressure (e.g. UNECE WP.29) and impact to value chain and business model of key players
  • Market model: we will present a quantitative market model for cybersecurity in the automotive industry including cost break-down and business opportunities
  • Implications: we will investigate implications both technically (e.g. software and hardware in cars, backend systems) and strategically (e.g. need for business model and/or organizational change)

To arrange to meet with UltraSoC during the event please email jo.windel@ultrasoc.com who would be pleased to arrange this.

To find out more about the event and to book your place, please visit the event website.