On the 30th January, UltraSoC sponsored the first meeting of the Bristol Cybersecurity Innovators Group, and it’s fair to say it was a resounding success. The audience was comprised of people from all walks of life in the cybersecurity world which kept the conversations interesting and varied. The attendees included academics, system architects, and cybersecurity consultants, to name a few.

UltraSoC Chief Strategy Officer, Aileen Ryan, shared some of the wisdom she gained at the recent DIT UK-German Cybersecurity Forum. Cybersecurity is now considered a major risk alongside the likes of extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and water crisis – in terms of its likelihood and potential impact. Aileen spoke further about how the fourth industrial revolution is led by the increasing use of technology, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), and hence an increasing need to focus on cybersecurity.

David Rogers (CEO of Copper Horse) highlighted the cybersecurity measures the UK is taking, particularly in the field of consumer electronics. His talk conveyed that the UK will be the first country to pass legislation on IoT security, and further pointed out how the UK legislation differed from the already prevailing California law on cybersecurity. The focus is on a number of simple measures, such as eliminating the use of default passwords, implementing a vulnerability disclosure policy, and keeping software updated.

The final talk of the evening, given by Prof. Siraj Ahmed Shaikh of the University of Coventry, validated many points raised by both Aileen and David. The eye-opening stat that 46% of Berlin’s population doesn’t own a vehicle was backed up by Professor Siraj highlighting how economically beneficial it can be not to own a car! Further, the huge financial losses Jeep Cherokee stands to suffer due to the 2013 white hat hack of the Jeep emphasized the importance of the work conducted by the Institute for Future of Transport and Cities (FTC) at Coventry University.

It was definitely a very successful and enlightening meetup; which I hope paved the path for many more to follow. It will be fascinating to understand more about the different industries / segments in the cybersecurity world and the challenges they face.


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