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Forging closer links with academia

Being a spin-out from a University ourselves, at UltraSoC we believe that strong links with the academic world provide multi-faceted benefits to everyone involved – an opportunity for students to learn about and use state of the art commercial products, an opportunity for UltraSoC to stay abreast of the latest academic developments in many related relevant fields and the ability for us all to advance our industry together.

Our interests are broad and include both technical and business management topics such as semiconductor technology, design methodologies, data analytics, machine learning and AI, market analysis and business model design.

UltraSoC’s products are at the leading edge of technology, offering unique analytics capabilities, both in-lab and in-life, for complex, heterogeneous SoCs.

UltraSoC experts regularly support academic teams by providing guest lecturers to relevant courses. We also work closely with our university partners to offer exciting internship opportunities, and to identify Masters and PhD level projects of mutual interest, providing assistance to students throughout the lifetime of each project – maximizing the linkage of their study and project work with real industry applications.

UltraSoC also offers participating Universities a license to its commercially available products for research or pre-commercial investigation, as a significant “value in kind” contribution.

Who’s currently participating in the UltraSoC University Program?

Example Project 1 – Group design project for MEng

Demonstrate a hybrid analog-digital monitoring solution using state of the art commercially available IP blocks from UltraSoC and partners. This involves using hardware description language (HDL) development, simulation and verification to produce a demonstration that can be controlled via an environment that allows configuration and visualization of outputs.

Example Project 2 – PhD project

Use machine learning techniques to find correlations between events on a complex, heterogeneous SoC, and analyse the behavior of SoC elements in order to make predictions about future behavior. In particular, image classification applications involving the use of binarized neural networks are of interest because of the potential computational efficiencies possible.

Example Project 3 – MBA Team project

UltraSoC’s products offer unique benefits both in-lab and in-life – to direct customers, and to our customers’ customers! Identify and define potential market opportunities and relative sizing for UltraSoC IP in a variety of markets, including functional safety, security and optimisation. What is the competitive and cooperative landscape and what would be the most appropriate business models and go-to-market strategy.


At UltraSoC we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. In order to facilitate this, we run a comprehensive internship programme. Internships can take the form of a twelve-week internship over the summer, or a one year placement.

We regularly hire interns, and we have supported student projects, both undergraduate and PhD.

Whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate looking for an intern post, a post-grad seeking backing for a research project, or a department head looking to forge closer ties with a forward-thinking industrial partner, we’d like to hear from you.

Did you see the recent blog post by UltraSoC intern Ricki Tura – ‘UltraSoC internship leads to UKESE Scholar of the Year Award’. Ricki is in the middle of his second internship with UltraSoC, a 12 month placement as part of the ‘Industrial Studies’ year of a five year course in MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Southampton University. In December 2018 he was awarded the UKESF Scholar of the Year Award at the prestigious TechWorks Awards 2018 ‘deep tech’ industry event. The award was presented by Neil Dickins, Director of IC Resources (sponsor of the award) and Stewart Edmondson, CEO of the UKESF (the UK Electronics Skills Foundation).

More about the UKESF: In the UK, the Electronics sector is big, valuable and growing; however, the demand for capable, employable graduates is currently outstripping supply. We are an educational charity, launched in 2010, with both public and private seed-corn funding. We operate collaboratively with major companies, leading universities and other organisations to tackle the skills shortage in the Electronics sector.

Click here to read more about Ricki Tura, and engineers Callum and Kumar, their experiences and what they enjoy about working with UltraSoC.


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