Welcome to UltraSoC

UltraSoC – better products, faster; lower risk

UltraSoC is transforming the way companies develop and deliver next-generation electronic devices and systems. Our products address a burgeoning crisis in the chip industry: today’s SoCs are fiercely complex – with multiple processor blocks, interconnect and software. It is becoming impossible for the design teams who create them to understand their operation using conventional means.

We provide semiconductor IP and software that solves these problems. By hard-wiring non-intrusive analytics circuitry into the chip, UltraSoC accelerates time-to-market, reduces bugs and increases quality, de-risking the SoC development process.

Our products simplify the SoC design team’s tasks of system integration, performance analysis and enhancement, and pre- and post-silicon debug. Our approach also has a substantial impact for designers of end products. SoCs equipped with UltraSoC technology are easier to integrate into a system design; the technology can be used even after products are deployed in the field, allowing them to be optimized in-service; and we enable forensic analysis in the event of a failure.

UltraSoC provides a much-needed next step in the evolution of chip design – a true transformation in the way we design and build our products.